The Powder Coating Process

Usually powder coating can be thought to be an environmentally favoured system of applying a complete particularly since it avoids the use of solvent-based paints avoids overspray wastage, and any unused powder could be entirely recycled and employed yet again view it .

Even though powder coating was conceived as being a process of ending metal, technologies has progressed to ensure that it’s now a typical option for ceramics, plastics and perhaps wooden.

Research reveals that powder coating will be the speediest escalating coating medium and together with the environmental positive aspects coupled with its outstanding ending qualities, it truly is a pattern which is more likely to carry on.

Forms of powder coating

There are two primary forms of powder coatings; thermosets and thermoplastics

With thermosetting variations, as being the powder bakes, it reacts with substances within the powder polymer which boosts molecular weight; increasing the performance properties.

Thermoplastic styles you should not alter specially nor have any further reactions, it only flows out into your closing coating.

Powder coating method

Stage 1 – Pre treatment method

This is about preparing the ingredient or component, and as any painting application, planning is all essential to accomplish the very best attainable finish.

It truly is vital to get rid of oils and lubricants and metallic oxides and this is done commonly by various chemical and mechanical methods, dependent also on the material, dimensions, and complete necessary.

The several phase chemical pre-treatments normally include applying phosphates or chromates in submersion or by spraying.

From an environmental viewpoint those people giving phosphate preparations are my most popular possibility as chromates could be poisonous towards the surroundings.

Another approach of planning is sandblasting and shot-blasting, whereby blasting abrasives are utilized to give floor texture and preparation for wood, plastic or glass.

Silicone carbide is suited to grinding metals and plastic media blasting works by using plastic abrasives which can be delicate to substrates such as aluminium.

Stage2 – The powder application

Quite possibly the most used system is electrostatic spraying by means of a sprig gun.

The object is grounded along with the gun imparts a good electric powered cost on to the powder that’s then sprayed and accelerated toward the ingredient via the impressive electrostatic cost.

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